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RPG Cast – Episode 532: “Meowls”

Anna Marie is finally back (and a little loopy on painkillers). There’s ample fawning for Mass Effect in our Now Playing, as Kelley chooses an unusual romantic encounter! Arguments break out over March and April’s packed release schedule, but a truce is eventually reached.

RPG Cast

RPG Cast – Episode 530: “Look, It Has Red XIII in It, Just Buy It”

Today we learned that Pokémon Home may rival Kingdom Hearts for difficult to understand stories. The Switch is finally getting some Outer Worlds love. And Anna Marie passes a kidney stone. Well not live on the show or anything. I’m just really tired of waiting for this stupid stoooooh…we’re still recording? Um…enjoy the show everyone!

For Macstorm: The Final Fantasies – IV

It has been three months since our beloved Editor-in-Chief Michael A. Cunningham sadly passed away. RPGamer’s former Sound Test curator Francis Gayon has created a symphonic fantasy based on Mac’s favourite RPG, Final Fantasy IV, that we would like to share in further tribute to him.

Final Fantasy IV: The Complete Collection Review

Someone should call Guinness World Records, because Final Fantasy IV is likely to break a record soon for being the most remade game. At least this time The After Years has been packed in for those unwilling to pay for the WiiWare episodes.

Final Fantasy IV: The After Years Review

It’s been a very long time since I posted anything on here, but unlike my review for Final Fantasy Chronicles, I shouldn’t merit a lynch mob this time. Peace, all!

Final Fantasy IV DS Review

The anticipated remake of a game we all love hits store shelves soon. Will the overhaul live up to the high expectations of both fanboys and first timers? Knowledge is a click away.