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Final Fantasy Pixel Remasters Announced

The first six entries in the Final Fantasy series are coming to PC via Steam and mobile devices with the announcement of Final Fantasy Pixel Remasters. The games will release individually.

Final Fantasy II PSP Review

Whether you enjoy crushing enemies or just smacking yourself around, Final Fantasy II has what you need. Grab a sword and hack at this review, the score might just go up.

Final Fantasy I & II: Dawn of Souls Review

Would you like to restore the elemental crystals to power again? Perhaps you would rather seek vengeance for the destruction of your home. Or better yet, maybe you just want to see how well these two titles translate onto a handheld. Whatever your preference, you’ve come to the right place.

Final Fantasy II Review

The Empire of Barmekia is on a mad quest to enslave the world. The only ones who can stand in their way is Queen Hilda of Phin’s small Resistance movement. But thrown out of their castle, and with the clock ticking, can anything be done? Four young orphans, Frionel, Maria, Guy, and Lionheart, are the world’s last chance for freedom…