Author: Pascal Tekaia

Fury Goes Hollow in Darksiders III

The good news, if you’re one of Darksiders III’s Seven Deadly Sins: Fury is badly outnumbered against you and your forces. The bad news: She’s just brought a war hammer to what you thought was a whip fight.

The Council Goes Underground in Episode 4

Things begin to approach a head in Big Bad Wolf’s The Council. Episode 4 is around the corner, and threatens to put protagonist Louis de Richet in the ground — or rather under it.

Death’s Gambit Takes a Chance on a Physical Release

Death may be an intangible construct, but PlayStation 4 owners will soon be able to literally get their hands on White Rabbit’s action RPG. It’s time to get physical with Death’s Gambit, courtesy of Skybound Games and Adult Swim Games.

New Trailer Proves The Surge 2 is No Walk in the Park

The Surge 2 takes the limb-targeting mechanics from its predecessor, moves them out of the industrial halls and into a sprawling cityscape, and dials up the combat’s freneticism. A new trailer has arrived to show it all in action.

Help End Ragnarok When Rune Enters Early Access

Turns out the only thing worse than the end of days is the prospect of being trapped in an apocalypse time loop by a mad god. Players can put an end to Ragnarok when Rune enters Steam Early Access this September.