Author: Pascal Tekaia

She Dreams Elsewhere Awakens with a Demo

She Dreams Elsewhere is an indie RPG releasing early 2019, concerning itself with mental illness and a comatose protagonist. Now, a one-hour playable demo is available.

Achtung! Cthulhu Emerging on Consoles

The PC was only the beginning. Auroch Digital’s adaptation of the classic tabletop RPG is getting set to rise from the depths for all three major home consoles.

Dragon Quest Builders 2 Brings Puzzles

Dragon Quest Builders 2’s Occulm Island holds many secrets. One is the presence of Builder Puzzles, special construction challenges for players to solve. Another is the ability to construct an actual bar in order to slake your workforce’s thirst.

Fury Goes Hollow in Darksiders III

The good news, if you’re one of Darksiders III’s Seven Deadly Sins: Fury is badly outnumbered against you and your forces. The bad news: She’s just brought a war hammer to what you thought was a whip fight.

The Council Goes Underground in Episode 4

Things begin to approach a head in Big Bad Wolf’s The Council. Episode 4 is around the corner, and threatens to put protagonist Louis de Richet in the ground — or rather under it.