Farming-Sim Pixelshire Announced

Publisher Merge Games and developer Kappa Bits have announced their upcoming farming-sim Pixelshire. The game is being developed for PC and will be entering Early Access via Steam in the near future. It is set on the continent of Arcadia, a place surrounded by a magical mist, where players must manage their farm and build the eponymous town of Pixelshire.

Pixelshire offers players the chance to have a hand in every aspect surrounding their farm, from terraforming the land to planting crops, raising livestock, designing their house, managing their store, and learning new trades. When not busy managing the town, players can explore the continent of Arcadia, finding hidden treasures and fighting enemies in enchanted forests, mountain jungles, and procedurally generated islands floating in the magical mist. New villagers encountered along the way, whose homes can also be freely crafted, can accompany players on their adventures. Relationships can be built by fulfilling villager requests, perhaps even leading to finding romance.




Pascal Tekaia

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