Debating RPG Reality Layer Zero Announced

One-man development studio Act-Novel has announced Reality Layer Zero. The game is dubbed a “debating RPG” with card-based battles representing verbal debates with opponents. The battles employ three modes of persuasion: Logos, Ethos, and Pathos. Arguments players choose during battle will fill up their resonance meter, which in turn is used to deplete the opponent’s willpower and defeat them. Combat will ask players to strike a balance between resonating their own arguments and undermining their opponents’.

Reality Layer Zero will see players taking on the role of an amateur orator whose grandfather has been arrested for murder. Traveling to the capital city of Liere to prove his innocence, players can use the power of Invocation to peer into the minds of others and speak directly to their hearts. Gameplay includes a mix of the Persona series’ life-sim elements and Ace Attorney-style crime scene investigation. The game is planned for an episodic release, with the first Act planned for release in early 2023. The game is available to wishlist for PC on Steam and



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