GrimGrimoire OnceMore Receives New Trailer

Nippon Ichi Software has released a new Japanese trailer for GrimGrimoire OnceMore, the upcoming remaster of Vanillaware’s PlayStation 2 title GrimGrimoire. The video shows off some of the familiars available to players as well as some of the game’s monster designs.

GrimGrimoire is a fantasy 2D real-time strategy title starring Lillet Blan, a student at the Silver Star Tower’s magic academy. The game takes place over a five-day period as incidents start occurring around the academy leading to its destruction. Lillet is able to travel back in time and relive those five days while attempting to avert the disaster. GrimGrimoire OnceMore will release in Japan on July 28, 2022, for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch. A western release for the remaster has not been announced.



Pascal Tekaia

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