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Disgaea 7 Enhanced Release Announced in Japan

Developer and publisher Nippon Ichi Software announced an enhanced re-release for tactical RPG Disgaea 7: Vows of the Virtueless in Japan. This enhanced version is set to release in July on several platforms, with no announcement for a western release as of yet.

Bar Stella Abyss Announced

Bar Stella Abyss from Nippon Ichi Software has been announced. This new strategy RPG roguelike lands in Japan early next year.

Disgaea 7 Demo Now Available

A demo version of Disgaea 7 is now available in North America and Europe. Players will be able to transfer progress to the full version when it launches early next month.

Disgaea 7 Trailer Highlights New Features

NIS America released a new trailer for Disgara 7: Vows of the Virtueless. It introduces the game’s new features, including Jumbification and Item Reincarnation.

Disgaea 7 Teaches Item Reincarnation

A new Disgaea Academy video introduces Disgaea 7’s new Item Reincarnation feature. Why settle for a simply pair of slippers when you can them into a powerful sword?

Xicatrice Skill Systems Detailed

Nippon Ichi Software provided new details and images for Xicatrice. The update introduces a few more characters and details the game’s skill systems.

Nippon Ichi Software Announces Xicatrice

Nippon Ichi Software unveiled new title Xicatrice. The game sees players guiding a group of students with superpowers and utilises similar combat to that of the Criminal Girls series.