Nippon Ichi Software Announces Xicatrice

Developer Nippon Ichi Software announced new title Xicatrice. The game is billed as a superpowers and academy RPG and is planned to release in Japan on June 28, 2023, for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and Nintendo Switch.

Xicatrice is set a world where a century prior humanity started to awaken to supernatural powers. While some used these powers for good, others abused or ran wild with them. In response, the Anti-Abnormal Unusual Talent Team (AUT) was established to act as law enforcement with its members having their own powers. After the AUT became overwhelmed, the Reserve Anti-Abnormal Unusual Talent Team (RAUT) was established to watch over children and students who have awakened to superpowers and who can be mobilised if needed.



Players control a teacher and former AUT member who lost their powers after a certain incident, placed in charge of RAUT 302. Players can schedule weekly lessons for their students, which raise their attributes. Skills are learned based on the students’ attributes, and these attributes can also impact daily life events. Different students have different attribute growth rates, and players can also raise stats by spending additional time with the students. Once learned, skills can be equipped for battle, with over 300 active and passive skills available that can be combined with other skills. The students who make up RAUT 302 are as follows:

  • Toma Asahi — Athletic, studious, and an honor student, her power awakened after an accident killed her family on her sixth birthday.
  • Haruki Suzuhira — Cheerful and energetic, he can get carried away and is excited about having superpowers.
  • Shiduru Nagamiya — A girl who had heart problems as a child and hoped that her superpowers would help her more easily get through life.
  • Wakaba Shinomori — Caring, athletic, and straightforward, she was expected to become a track-and-field athlete until her superpowers awakened.
  • Yuichi Kamishiro — Blunt and distant, his user of superpowers in combat is greatly admired and he has sworn revenge against a certain other superpower user.
  • Kei Namisaki — Usually calm and mature, but sometimes meddlesome, she seeks to use her powers for justice but accidentally harmed others in the past with them.
  • Ichika Otoha — Polite and gentle, she keeps her distance from others after being bullied in the past.



Xicatrice sees the students dealing with cases involving superpowers and fighting against monsters created by people’s emotions as well as superpower users. The game’s combat system is similar to that of the Criminal Girls series, with players selecting one action per turn from a list of proposed actions from the party. On missions the party will fight a series of battles until they meet the goal, with players needing to manage the members’ HP and SP across them.

Xicatrice’s title comes from the French word for scar (cicatrice) and features seven students who have been emotionally scarred as they came into their powers. Superpower users who are unable to overcome their emotional scars can be swallowed up by their powers, which can lead to a bad ending if players fail to understand their charges. However, if players do obtain a bad ending or meet other conditions on a playthrough, they will obtain bonuses that can assist subsequent playthroughs.


Source: Gematsu




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