Nintendo Indie World Showcase Round-Up

Nintendo gave a new Indie World Showcase presentation today, during which it highlighted a number of indie titles coming to Nintendo Switch in the coming months, including multiple titles of interest to RPGamers. Though likely more adventure game than RPG, the first game revealed was Robi Studios’ Blue Fire, which takes place in a dark world of caves and tunnels called Penumbra and sees players exploring temples and undertaking quests. Blue Fire will be released for Nintendo Switch as a timed console exclusive in summer 2020.

Next shown was Naps Team’s action adventure RPG Baldo. Inspired by Japanese adventure RPGs and an anime-esque art style, the game features an open world filled with dungeons and puzzles. Baldo is set to be released for Nintendo Switch as a timed console exclusive in summer 2020.

The next RPG-adjacent title was Chibig’s Summer in Mara. An adventure RPG with farming and crafting-sim elements, Summer in Mara is set in a tropical ocean, with players controlling Koa, a girl who explores the ocean while looking after her own island home. Summer in Mara will launch in spring 2020 as a timed console exclusive on Nintendo Switch as well as on PC.

White Owls Inc.’s Hidetaka Suehiro, better known as SWERY, put in an appearance in the presentation, revealing that life-simulation adventure The Good Life will also be coming to Nintendo Switch. The game, which is set to launch later this year, follows Naomi, a New York photographer who takes on a job in a small English town where a murder has taken place and the townspeople turn into cats (or dogs) one night a month. She must also manage her debt as she lives in the town from day to day.

United Label Games and Fallen Flag Studio’s Eldest Souls will also be coming to Nintendo Switch, as a timed console exclusive in summer 2020. Set in a grim fantasy world, the game sends players into the Citadel, where they must defeat the Imprisoned Gods in boss-rush gameplay following the gods’ unleashing of devastation upon humanity.

A quick-fire section revealed that both SeithCG’s Ghost of a Tale and Distractionware’s Dicey Dungeons will be coming to Nintendo Switch later this year before the finale involving Dodge Roll Games’ Exit the Gungeon. The game, which originally launched on Apple Arcade in 2019, will be available on Nintendo Switch as a timed console exclusive and on PC later today.




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