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The Good Life DLC Releasing in March

Playism and White Owls Inc. announced DLC will release for The Good Life in a couple of weeks. Behind the Secret of Rainy Woods adds a dozen new side quests to the game.

The Good Life Review

SWERY has a reputation for insane, off-the-wall storytelling and The Good Life is no exception. Does the gameplay follow suit, or is it just a boring slog to go through?

The Good Life Demo Announced for Xbox One, PC

A demo is now available for Playism and White Owls Inc.’s The Good Life on Xbox One, also arriving on Steam tomorrow. In addition, the game will be included in the Xbox Game Pass subscription service when it launches in a few weeks.

The Good Life Explores the Town

A new trailer and screenshots give a more comprehensive look at the town of Rainy Woods. Players can still expect to live The Good Life by the end of the year.

Nintendo Indie World Showcase Round-Up

Nintendo gave a new Indie World presentation today, during which it showcased a number of indie titles coming to Nintendo Switch in the coming months. Titles of interest to us include Blue Fire, Baldo, Summer in Mara, The Good Life, Eldest Souls, and Exit the Gungeon.

The Good Life Pushed Back to 2020

Players will have to wait a bit longer before getting to enjoy The Good Life. White Owls Inc.’s title has been pushed back to next year, though there are some new images and bits of gameplay footage to check out.

Several Indie RPGs Coming to Xbox Game Pass

Included in the Xbox E3 Briefing was the announcement of a large number of indie titles coming to Xbox Game Pass. Titles included in the list of particular interest to RPGamers were CrossCode, Star Renegades, Ikenfell, and The Good Life.

Microsoft Acquires inXile, Obsidian; Other X018 Announcements

The biggest RPG news from Microsoft’s X018 event is that the company is acquiring both inXile Entertainment and Obsidian Entertainment. Meanwhile, The Good Life and the Final Fantasy XIII are coming to Xbox One, with Kingdom Hearts III also getting a new trailer.

The Good Life Gets a Demo

As the final push for backers for The Good Life begins, a prototype demo for the game has been released through the game’s Kickstarter page. So if anyone wanted some hands-on time, now is the chance.

SWERY Plays The Good Life

The Good Life is in the middle of a Kickstarter campaign. The director SWERY narrates a Let’s Play of an early build, showing off this life-sim RPG hybrid.

Kickstarter Check-In: The Good Life

White Owls Inc. has regrouped in an effort to bring the public the good life and this time it has chosen Kickstarter as its method of attack. See what’s different and new for this campaign compared to the old one.

The Good Life Trying for a Second Chance

After a failed crowdfunding campaign last year, White Owls Inc. is attempting to get the game off the ground again. The game isn’t quite ready to back yet, but the company is giving everyone a heads-up.