Kickstarter Check-In: The Good Life

White Owls Inc. has returned to the crowdfunding scene with a revamped version of The Good Life. After a previously failed attempt to back the game on Fig, the team has brought back the game on Kickstarter with a host of improvements alongside a more obtainable goal.

Once again, The Good Life follows a journalist from New York, named Naomi, who moves to an idyllic town in the British countryside in order to pay off her massive debt. She’ll accomplish this by taking photos of the populace and reporting on her findings. However, she quickly learns that the town’s inhabitants aren’t the most normal folk around. On top of that, she’ll have to solve a strange murder that occurs there. It’s also probably worth mentioning that every citizen turns into a cat or dog once a month.

Gameplay most closely resembles a life sim, with Naomi primarily working to pay off her debt by taking photos. Photos can be sold to either the local newspaper, Morningvale, or be shared online via Flamingo app. Photos shared via the app can be altered using filters and other modification tools and will earn Naomi money for how popular they are online. Better cameras will be able to take better photos, increasing the amount of money earned. Naomi will also be able to employ herself with part time jobs from around the city. Money can be spent to decrease Naomi’s debt or to enjoy life around the town.

The game takes place in the city of Rainy Woods and will be a fully-explorable open world title. There will be a running in-game clock as well as a calendar, leading to changes in seasons that can produce new, unique photos. When transformed into a cat or dog, players will be able to explore the town from an entirely new perspective, opening up new traversal and gameplay options.

The Good Life is estimated to arrive in November 2019 for Steam and PlayStation 4. The cheapest the game becomes available is either $30 for a Steam digitial copy or $40 for a PlayStation 4 digital copy. Physical copies of the game are currently only available as part of the game’s Collector’s Edition, the details of which will be announced by the end of the campaign and begins in price at $124. The campaign will end on May 4, 2018 at 7:00 PM CDT.


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