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Kickstarter Campaign Launched for Bestiario

Barcelona-based studio Wiggins Industries has launched a Kickstarter campaign for turn-based RPG Bestiario. The game is inspired by classic JRPGs and is based on Spanish mythology.

Coridden Kickstarter Campaign Goes Live

Sweden-based developer Aftnareld and publisher Anshar Publishing have launched a Kickstarter campaign for action RPG Coridden. The game allows players to shapeshift into any monster defeated in battle.

Dreamed Away Kickstarter Going Live Soon

Solo developer Nicolas Petton and publisher Pineapple Works are launching a Kickstarter campaign for Dreamed Away. There are plans for it to be released on multiple platforms.

Kristala Begins Kickstarter Campaign

Astral Clocktower Studios’s Kristala is undergoing a Kickstarter campaign. The campaign for the action RPG with a feline protagonist has already met its funding goal.

Kickstarter Check-In: Farsiders, Infinite Mana

RPGamer’s ad hoc Kickstarter Check-In feature returns for a look at two ongoing crowdfunding campaigns. This edition features GambitGhost Studio’s Farsiders, as well as Wonderlust Games’s Infinite Mana.

Kickstarter Check-In: Sword of the Necromancer: Revenant

RPGamer’s ad hoc Kickstarter check-in feature returns with a look at Grimorio of Games’s Sword of the Necromancer: Revenant. The 3D action RPG sequel to Sword of the Necromancer sees Tama and Koko return, joined by new protagonist Kara.

Kickstarter Check-In: The Witch of Fern Island

RPGamer’s ad hoc Kickstarter check-in feature returns with a look at Enjoy Studio’s The Witch of Fern Island. The sandbox adventure RPG follows a budding witch as she learns more about the island while developing her magic.