Kickstarter Check-In: The Witch of Fern Island

Developer Enjoy Studio has begun a Kickstarter campaign for sandbox adventure RPG The Witch of Fern Island. The game follows a budding witch on the eponymous island as she learns more about the island’s history, inhabitants, and magic. It is being developed for PC and consoles. A PC Early Access release is currently planned for early 2023 with the full release to follow in early 2024.

Players control Abrill, a young girl seeking to become a certified witch by passing her academic internship. Players can customise Abrill’s appearance as well as her home. The game features a calendar and season system, though there is no set ending point. In her role, Abrill can craft potions, learn rituals, affect the weather, and peek into the potential future while helping the island’s residents and learning more about its secrets. The island itself is home to three distinct cultures — Boran, Apatut, and Kuqkwa — while Abrill will also be able to venture into a parallel spirit world called Astra.

The game features its own farming systems, including crops and magical hen-like Cuflows that come in various breeds that can be crossed with each other. Abrill can also find various ingredients and resources for her magic throughout the island. Other activities include fishing, befriending and controlling familiars, photography, researching wildlife, festivals, and more.

The campaign is looking for €15,000 in funding and is set to run until December 8, 2022. Those who pledge at least €16 will receive a digital copy of the game as part of their backer rewards.



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