Armed Fantasia, Penny Blood Kickstarter Campaign to Close with Final Events

Wild Bunch Productions and Yukikaze made some announcements to mark the final stages of their shared Kickstarter campaign for Armed Fantasia and Penny Blood. The announcements cover the games’ music, including a limited CD release, and special events to mark the end of the campaign. In addition, the developers shared new work-in-progress footage of both games.

The first announcement concerns new additions to the composing team for Penny Blood. Led by Yoshitaka Hirota (Shadow Hearts series) and Akari Kaida (Breath of Fire series), the team will also have Nobuo Uetmatsu (Final Fantasy series) and Kenji Ito (SaGa series) attached for insight on authentic period music and sounds. In addition, the developers will be producing a special Composer’s Dream CD that features arrangements, remixes, and original music from both game’s composers, as well as Shoji Meguro (Persona series, and who is also currently running his own Kickstarter campaign for Guns Undarkness) and Yasunori Shiono (Lufia series). The CD will be available for campaign backers as an add-on item, with only 500 planned to be produced.

Finally, the developers will be holding a special celebration stream and backer-exclusive live concert to mark the campaign’s finish. The publicly-available closing stream will air on September 30, 2022, at 10pm JST (6am PST/9am EST) and feature a variety of interviews, special guests, creator challenges, and music. There will also be ten signed copies of the Composer’s Dream CD made available at 30-minute intervals during the stream. The “Golden Ticket” backer concert will take place on October 1, 2022, at 7pm JST (3am PST/6am EST). It will feature a special band by led by Yoshitaka Hirota and Akari Kaita, a performance by Shoji Meguro, a surprise special guest, and additional creator challenges.

Armed Fantasia is being developed by Wild Bunch Productions, which is being led by Wild ARMs series creator Akifumi Kaneko. The game is set on a world heading to destruction and sees players venturing across a “Westernpunk” wilderness. Penny Blood is being developed by Yukikaze, which is being led Shadow Hearts creator Matsuzo Machida. It features a 1920s gothic horror setting and follows an investigator named Matthew Farrell across America, Europe, and Asia in a world twisted by cosmic horrors.

Both games feature other veteran staff of Wild ARMs and Shadow Hearts and are being developed for PC and consoles, with the Kickstarter indicating initial planned release estimates of 2025. Those looking to read more about both games can check out RPGamer’s original announcement post as well as an interview with both Wild Bunch Productions and Yukikaze.





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