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Mass Effect Legendary Edition Changes Detailed

BioWare provided lots of details on some of the adjustments being made to the original trilogy as part of the Mass Effect Legendary Edition release. The majority of changes affect the first game, though the other two also received some important tweaks.

Outriders Out Now

Shooter-RPG Outriders is out now worldwide. The game’s release on numerous platforms is accompanied by the usual launch trailer.

Cloudpunk Adds City of Ghosts

Ion Lands has announced a large-scale DLC expansion for Cloudpunk. City of Ghosts will add a new follow-up campaign to the main game, including a second playable character.

We Are the Caretakers Heading to Xbox

Heart Shaped Games’ sci-fi tactical RPG We Are the Caretakers will launch on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S. The console versions will come later this year, after the game spends some time on Steam Early Access.

Action RPG Death’s Door Announced

Offbeat fantasy action RPG Death’s Door is coming to PC and Xbox this summer. Players control a Crow on the hunt for a stolen soul in a world untouched by death.

New Trailer Shows The Ascent

Curve Digital and Neon Giant released a new trailer for The Ascent. The co-op action RPG launches later this year on PC and Xbox consoles.

Biomutant Receives Combat Trailer

Biomutant has received a new trailer showing the action RPG’s combat. The post-apocalyptic mutation-themed title launches in a couple of months.