Potion Permit Gets New Update

Publisher PQube has released a new update for life sim RPG Potion Permit. This update adds a new animated opening (viewable below), the ability to romance Lucke and Runeheart, Indonesian and Traditional Chinese language options, and several bug fixes.

Potion Permit is set in the town of Moonbury, which has always been wary of outsiders and reliant on traditional healing methods. However, the town mayor’s daughter falls ill and local methods are unable to heal her. Players control a chemist sent by the Medical Association to cure her while convincing the town of the usefulness of alchemic advancements. Potion Permit is currently available on Nintendo Switch, PC (via Steam), PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Android, and iOS. Those interested in reading more about the game can check Anna Marie Privitere’s review for the Nintendo Switch version.



Mohamed Lamine Coulibaly

Fascinated by the screens since I saw them, video games are a sorcery I quickly become obsessed with. This passion culminated with the discovery of the RPG. At the time, they were likely the sole titles where story and world building mattered as more as gameplay. Now, I am, writing about them, especially my favorite ones, the JRPG!

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