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Adventure Corner: World End Syndrome

RPGamer’s Adventure Corner returns for a detailed look at visual novel World End Syndrome. The recently-released title from TOYBOX and Arc System Works sends players to the rural town of Mihate, where they are thrust into a mystery involving the themes of life and death.

Valthirian Arc Gets Console Demo

PQube and Agate are giving those with a PS4 or Switch the chance to try out Valthirian Arc: Hero School Story. The demo version of the management sim/RPG hybrid will be available until mid-January.

Valthirian Arc Receives Release Date

Valthirian Arc will be arriving on PC, PS4, and Switch in just a few weeks. Players will soon be supervising budding heroes as they learn the trade and in turn help build their academy.

Adventure Corner: Punch Line

RPGamerā€™s Adventure Corner returns to take a look at another title not usually within our coverage but of potential interest to readers. This edition looks at Zero Escape creator Kataro Uchikoshi’s Punch Line, an adventure visual novel that originally started out as an anime series.

Cat Quest II Set for Early 2019 Release

Shortly after announcing a physical Switch edition of its predecessor, The Gentlebros has provided a new teaser for Cat Quest II. The game is coming to many platforms early next year.

Omega Labyrinth Z Release Cancelled

A few ratings boards had previously halted its release in certain countries, but now it seems Omega Labyrinth Z will simply stay put in Japan. PQube has cancelled its plans to release the game in the remaining European and North America territories.

Omega Labyrinth Z Runs Afoul of Ratings Boards

Omega Labyrinth Z always had a few more hurdles to clear to attain an English release than other titles. In a selection of countries, it has fallen at the one set up by the ratings board.