Car Combat RPG Resistor Announced

Publisher PQube and developer Long Way Home have announced Resistor. The game is billed as a “turbocharged narrative-driven adventure RPG featuring open-world exploration, stunt-infused racing, and explosive vehicular combat”. It is in development for PC, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and Nintendo Switch, but does not yet have a release window.

Resistor is set in the year 2060, with the world made up of self-contained city-states ruled over by a league of corporations. Those who live inside the cities enjoy comfortable lives, while those in the communities outside try and scrape a living together in the wastes. The corporations host an annual racing tournament, where challengers participate in death races with the prize being citizenship inside the cities. Players control Aster, the child of a great racer, who is trying to secure healthcare for their mother.

The game features an explorable open world, with Aster and their teammates competing in multiple vehicular combat tournaments. There are a variety of optional missions that can provide rewards and unlock new story arcs, with the game featuring multiple endings. Players can take advantage of their reputation to expand their influence to more territory and unlock new locations. Players can also recruit new teammates and build relationships with the crew, which unlock bonuses in races, as well as customise their driver and vehicle.




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