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Mononoke no Kuni Announced

Developer Studio Lights has announced Mononoke no Kuni. Billed as an isekai action RPG, the game is planned to release on PC next year, with console and mobile versions to follow.

SaGa Emerald Beyond Gets More Details

Square Enix followed up SaGa Emerald Beyond’s announcement with some more details and screenshots. The information covers the game’s multiple-world setting, plus its protagonist options and combat system.

SaGa Emerald Beyond Announced

Square Enix has revealed SaGa Emerald Beyond. This new entry in the long running SaGa series is planned to arrive next year.

New Atelier Resleriana Details, Media Released

Koei Tecmo and Akatsuki Games provided plenty more details and media for upcoming PC and mobile title Atelier Resleriana. The update introduces new and familiar characters, as well as multiple gameplay elements.

NetEase Games Announces Project Mugen

Project Mugen is a new open-world action RPG from Netease Games with a supernatural urban setting. It is being developed as free-to-play title for PC, mobile, and PlayStation consoles.

Waven Given Early Access Release

Ankama’s newest title, Waven, is now available as an early access title on PC and Mac. The free-to-play tactical MMORPG is planned to fully launch in the coming months, including on mobile.