Honkai: Star Rail’s Version 1.6 Update Releasing Next Week

HoYoverse announced that its newest update for Honkai: Star Rail will release on December 27, 2023. Titled “Crown of the Mundane and Divine”, the Version 1.6 update includes a new area — the Herta Space Station’s Seclusion Zone — as well as three new playable characters, new Simulated Universe mode content, new events, and more.

The three new characters included in the update are Madam Ruan Mei, Dr. Ratio, and Xueyi. Madam Ruan Mei is a 5-star Ice-Type character for the Path of Harmony. She is a member of the Genius Society, focusing on biological science, and is adept at exploiting enemy weaknesses which supporting allies’ Break Effect damage. Dr. Ratio is 5-star Imaginary-Type following the Path of the Hunt, with all players able to recruit him for free. He is an academic research with the Intelligentsia Guild, with his combat abilities allowing him to take advantage of enemy debuffs. Finally, Xueyi is a 4-star Quantum-Type with the Path of Destruction. Her original body was replaced some time ago with a puppet system. She is skilled at dealing damage to single enemies and is able to deplete enemy Toughness while ignoring weakness types.

Honkai: Star Rail is a free-to-play turn-based RPG that tells its own standalone story in the Honkai universe and is available on PC, PlayStation 5, iOS, and Android. The setting features Aeons, incarnations of universal principles that can freely travel between its worlds and apply their principles to them. Players embark on a journey on the Astral Express along with other passengers looking to explore the universe and find out its secrets.




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