SaGa Emerald Beyond Introduces the Dismal King

Square Enix released new details and media for the upcoming SaGa Emerald Beyond. The latest update focuses on the story of Siugnas, also known as the Dismal King, one of the five protagonist options in the game, as well as some additional gameplay elements.

Siugnas is an immortal vampire who rules the darkness-shrouded world of Yomi. However, betrayal causes him to lose his throne and he wakes up in the world of Brighthome, which is a gathering spot for fallen warriors who take part in an eternal battle. Siugnas is recruited into a group of warriors called the Generals to fight against invaders, and ends up journeying with them to uncover why an immortal came to a land of the dead and regain his former abilities. A realm known as the Crowrealm, which is covered in sand and home to gigantic ruined machines, will also play a role in his story.

Siugnas is joined by six other members of the Generals, who go by codenames. Philosopher has no qualms about speaking the truth, no matter how harsh; General looks young but is incredibly intelligent and skilled at commanding; Warrior has a strong sense of responsibility and aims to protect others; Hero is one who helps the weak and fights back against those of higher status; Lifetaker is a former demon slayer who eventually moves to taking human lives after being sought out for his abilities; and Champion is competitive, using flashy actions but always putting in great effort that he expects from others.



There are also a variety of other characters who can join Siugnas’s party. Simon is a battle machine from another world; Dolores follows Siugnas around after believing him to be the resurrected form of her dead master; Sarab is an observation mecha from the Crowrealm whose purpose is unknown; Scarecrow is a member of a species that existed when crows used to live in the Crowrealm, who have long forgotten the purpose of their existence; and Professor is the apparent self-proclaimed title of a woman studying the history of the Crowrealm.

SaGa Emerald Beyond features a roles system. In addition to equipment, techs, and skills, characters can be equipped with roles. These have effects not supplied by equipment and can alter the way a character fights. Roles can be obtained from multiple sources such as techs, spells, and fighting styles, with certain characters having their own unique roles. The new media also showcases the one-handed gun weapon type, which features a wide variety of conditional techs, including special roles if a character is dual wielding two guns, or wielding a gun and a sword. In addition, characters can gain proficency in a tech the more they use it, allowing it to rank up and become more powerful.



Siugnas is a unique character as the only member of the Vampire race. Like human characters, he can use most equipment and learns new abilities through Glimmers. However, he also has access to special Sanguine Arts. These powerful abilities use up LP, but by draining the blood of party members he can increase his maximum LP and learn new Sanguine Arts. He can also use special equipment called Sanguine Gear to apply Sanguine Roles to party members.

Party members who have their blood drained by Siugnas have their own maximum LP decreased, which can put them into a Thrall state. Giving party members in the Thrall state Sanguine Gear changes them into a Knight, giving them increase maximum LP and the ability to use Sanguine Roles and Sanguine Arts. However, the Sanguine Gear used by a Knight cannot be used by others, and if they are stripped of their gear, the party member will be a Wastrel. This reduces their LP to 1 and takes away their ability to use Sanguine Roles and Sanguine Arts, with no way to restore them from this state.

SaGa Emerald Beyond sees its protagonists met with emerald waves that indicate different choices leading to different fates. In keeping with the SaGa’s series approach, the game grants players freedom to explore these threads as they wish. SaGa Emerald Beyond’s combat refines the timeline-based system from SaGa Scarlet Grace and will also include the returning Glimmer system and formations. The game will release worldwide for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, iOS, and Android on April 25, 2024.




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