SaGa Emerald Beyond Releasing in April

Square Enix held its first English livestream for the SaGa series. The SaGa Glimmerfest 2023 34th Anniversary Livestream — featuring SaGa Series Producer Masanori Ichikawa, Executive Producer and SaGa series General Director Akitoshi Kawazu, and Localization Director Neil Broadley — revealed the release date for SaGa Emerald Beyond as well as introducing two of its main protagonists: Tsunanori Mido and Ameya Aisling. The game will release digitally worldwide for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, iOS, and Android on April 25, 2024.

Tsunanori Mido comes from an esteemed family, with his bloodline using their ability to control puppets to complete tasks. He joins the Cathedral Project, which consists of explorers investigating other worlds, to repair his city’s weakening barrier. Ameya Aisling is a witch who is also known as Miyako City schoolgirl Yumeha Izumi. From Pulchra, Ameya’s powers have been stolen from her and she seeks to follow the emerald waves between worlds to find the thief of her mana while becoming a great witch.

SaGa Emerald Beyond features multiple worlds connected by apparent emerald waves to a place called the Beyond, with each of the game’s protagonists passing into the Beyond before journeying to different worlds. The protagonists are themselves met with emerald waves that indicate different choices leading to different fates. In keeping with the SaGa’s series approach, the game grants players freedom to explore these threads as they wish with five different protagonist options to choose from. SaGa Emerald Beyond’s combat refines the timeline-based system from SaGa Scarlet Grace and will also include the returning Glimmer system and formations.


Screenshots and art


Tsunanori Mido character trailer


Ameya Aisling character trailer


Full livestream


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