SaGa Emerald Beyond Introduces Bonnie and Formina

Square Enix released new details and media for the upcoming SaGa Emerald Beyond. The new update introduces protagonist duo Bonnie and Formina, who together make up one of the five protagonist options in the game. It also provides some additional gameplay details.

Bonnie Blair, a former marine, and Formina Franklyn, a renowned sharpshooter, are two new police recruits. The two pair up to investigate an assassination attempt on the President of Capitol City, with a claim of the president being a traitor and a mysterious triangle piece as their only clues. During their investigation they come across a trio a large cats — Purr, Hiss, and Meow — who have their own distinct personalities.



There are various potential party members joining Bonnie and Formina, in wildly different forms. Emily Bryant is an artist who came up through the underground scene hitting the mainstream and performing at many famous clubs. Administrator Gold is a member of the Delta Base’s Administrative Division, but isn’t really satisfied with their middle management role. BX10-EX is a mech used in research for triangle theory by Dr. Alessa Sitrix, but has achieved self-driven evolution after the doctor’s death.

Final Emperor is said to be the last Emperor of Grelon, whose real name is now known and has gained many different reputations making it unclear what his real personality is. Byaku is a young Cleric of the Kosmos, who is quite hard-headed but prideful. Finally, Erytheia is a carrier in the Kosmos, distributing both items and information across it, often with a sarcastic attitude.



The update introduced three major worlds in the game, which features multiple worlds connected by apparent emerald waves to a place called the Beyond. Capitol City is filled with skyscrapers and it’s important status sees many unexpectedly drawn to it. Vermiglio is a world that has undergone rapid progress thanks to “triangle theory”. Day-to-day life has become easier and richer, but it has come at a cost. Finally, Kosmos is a mysterious world where countless cells, systems, and organs work together to create a harmonious world, but there are those seeking to destroy its balance.

Byaku and Erytheia are members of a race called ephemerals. As they fight, they advance from juvenile to young to mature to elder states. As they grow older, their stats increase but their LP decreases. After an ephemeral runs out of LP, it is reborn and passes down techs and spells to the next generation. Some ephemerals can also glimmer new techs, like humans, or learn techs from foes, like monsters.

SaGa Emerald Beyond will have multiple weapon types, divided into multiple sub-groups. Two-handed guns are split into machine guns, flamethrowers, zappers, boomers, and catalyzers. All of these types can use two-handed gun techs, but have their own techs as well. Many two-handed gun techs are strong against airborne foes, but also increase enmity for its wielder, making them more likely to be attacked.



Meanwhile, martial arts are be used by characters without any weapons equipped. These are also split into separate groups: punch techs make it easier to evade subsequent attacks, kick techs are often quicker to use, and tackles can delay the user in the action order. Many martial art techs can also delay enemy actions.

Other types of techs include conditional techs. These are used in response to other combatant’s abilities and split into five groups: Interrupts, Counterattacks, Protects, Chains, and Pursuits. Enemies can also use conditional techs, but these can be prevented by using techs that have the quell characteristic.

SaGa Emerald Beyond sees its five protagonist options met with emerald waves that indicate different choices leading to different fates. In keeping with the SaGa’s series approach, the game grants players freedom to explore these threads as they wish with five different protagonist options to choose from. SaGa Emerald Beyond’s combat refines the timeline-based system from SaGa Scarlet Grace and will also include the returning Glimmer system and formations. The game will release worldwide for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, iOS, and Android on April 25, 2024.




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