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RPG Cast – Episode 563: “Isn’t Compile Heart Jail Against the Geneva Convention?”

We can’t believe we have to say this, but this week Chris tries to understand water vapor. Anna Marie takes a week off to go date some demons. Josh frequents a sex shop to pick up some weapons. Pascal starts vaping in his Xbox. And Robert and Kelley are testing the jiggle physics of sacks in World of Warcraft.

Ghost of a Tale Review

Ghost of a Tale is an ambitious outing that explores an imaginative new world while eschewing combat. Is the tale of a tiny mouse among an army of rats worth checking out?

Nintendo Indie World Showcase Round-Up

Nintendo gave a new Indie World presentation today, during which it showcased a number of indie titles coming to Nintendo Switch in the coming months. Titles of interest to us include Blue Fire, Baldo, Summer in Mara, The Good Life, Eldest Souls, and Exit the Gungeon.

Ghost of a Tale Arrives This Month

After five years in development, SeithCG’s Ghost of a Tale is finally approaching release. Players can dive into its medieval world populated by anthropomorphic animals on PC in just a couple of weeks.