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Blightbound Early Access Impression

RPGamer was given the chance to check out Blightbound on Steam Early Access. It’s way too early to draw any real conclusions about the game, but it should offer some enjoyable action to those looking to hack through enemies with a couple of friends.

Weird West Gets New Gameplay Trailer

Weird West is an action RPG set in a dark fantasy version of the Wild West. In a new video, WolfEye Studios’ Creative Director and President Raphael Colantonio details many of the things that sets it apart.

Blightbound Hitting Early Access This Month

Co-operative dungeon-crawler Blightbound is arriving on Steam Early Access in a couple of weeks. It is not yet clear how much content will be available, or when the game will fully launch.

Dungeon-Crawler Blightbound Announced

Grab some friends and travel down into the thick of Blightbound, a new dungeon-crawling RPG developed by Ronimo Games. The game will be available via Steam Early Access this summer.

Nintendo Indie World Showcase Round-Up

Nintendo gave a new Indie World presentation today, during which it showcased a number of indie titles coming to Nintendo Switch in the coming months. Titles of interest to us include Blue Fire, Baldo, Summer in Mara, The Good Life, Eldest Souls, and Exit the Gungeon.

Exit the Gungeon Heading to PC, Consoles

After launching on Apple Arcade last year, Exit the Gungeon will soon be arriving on PC and consoles. Developer Dodge Roll Games also revealed that its predecessor, Enter the Gungeon, has reached the three million sales mark.

Weird West Announced

Weird West was one of the new titles announced during The Game Awards. The action RPG is the debut title from developer WolfEye Studios and takes players to a dark fantasy version of the Wild West.

RPGs Release Alongside Apple Arcade

Apple’s new Apple Arcade subscription gaming service has launched. Joining the service are four new RPGs: Cat Quest II, Oceanhorn 2, Exist the Gungeon, and Various Daylife.

Enter the Gungeon Switch Retail Release Now Available

Enter the Gungeon’s Switch retail edition is now available, joining the digital release on the console back in 2017. The bullet hell dungeon-crawler is also available digitally on PlayStation 4, PC, Mac, Xbox One, and Linux.

Minit Out Now on iOS, Android

Lo-fi RPG Minit is now out on iOS and Android. The game gives RPGamers a minute to progress as far as they can, though thankfully those early attempts that are doomed from the start don’t count for nothing.

The Swords of Ditto Coming to Switch This Week

Devolver Digital and onebitbeyond’s The Swords of Ditto is coming to Nintendo Switch. The Switch version will include content from the new Mormo’s Curse update, which is coming for free to its existing PC and PS4 versions.

Minit Arriving on Switch Next Week

Devoler Digital has revealed a Switch release date for Minit. Those waiting for the lo-fi RPG to appear on the console will not need to do so for much longer.

Enter the Gungeon Receives Free Expansion

Bullet hell-roguelike hybrid Enter the Gungeon has a new expansion. The free Advanced Gungeons and Draguns includes various additions, perhaps most importantly the opportunity for revenge against a thieving NPC.

Minit Coming to Switch

After receiving some rather positive reviews upon its initial launch, Minit is coming to another platform. The Nintendo Switch will be getting the lo-fi title later this year.

The Swords of Ditto Review

Life is hard on the island of Ditto, what with infestations of monsters and an evil witch who generally enjoys making the inhabitants suffer. Don’t worry: if you fail to put an end to Mormo’s dastardly reign, it’s the innocent island dwellers who are punished with a century of misery, not you.