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Minit Arriving on Switch Next Week

Devoler Digital has revealed a Switch release date for Minit. Those waiting for the lo-fi RPG to appear on the console will not need to do so for much longer.

Enter the Gungeon Receives Free Expansion

Bullet hell-roguelike hybrid Enter the Gungeon has a new expansion. The free Advanced Gungeons and Draguns includes various additions, perhaps most importantly the opportunity for revenge against a thieving NPC.

Minit Coming to Switch

After receiving some rather positive reviews upon its initial launch, Minit is coming to another platform. The Nintendo Switch will be getting the lo-fi title later this year.

The Swords of Ditto Review

Life is hard on the island of Ditto, what with infestations of monsters and an evil witch who generally enjoys making the inhabitants suffer. Don’t worry: if you fail to put an end to Mormo’s dastardly reign, it’s the innocent island dwellers who are punished with a century of misery, not you.

The Swords of Ditto Out Today

Cooperative action RPG The Sword of Ditto arrives today on PC and PS4. Though particular heroes may not be successful, fortunately there is always another waiting in the wings.

Minit Review

Who wants to be a half-minute hero when you can last the whole sixty seconds? Thankfully, Minit gives you all the time you need to get things done.

Minit Launches for PC and Console

Lo-fi adventure Minit is now available on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. It’s one of a very small selection of recent releases that can be fairly accurately conveyed with a flip book.

Absolver Review

Not enough games have followed Jade Empire’s lead in combining martial arts with RPGs. Absolver is one recent title to try it, though its bare-bones approach to content might not impress.

Always Sometimes Monsters Review

You’re reading RPGamer and you come across a review of Vagabond Dog’s first game, Always Sometimes Monsters. You’ve seen a few screenshots and heard a little about how the game delights in forcing you to make difficult choices. What do you do?

Serious Sam: The Random Encounter Review

While many shooter franchises have borrowed elements from RPGs in recent times, only one has gone far enough to include the turn-based combat and sprite visuals. Read on as we get serious with Serious Sam.