RPG Backtrack 309 – Alpha Snorlax Scares Me

May is a great time for celebrating critter catching games! Our first entry for Monster Menagerie May takes us to the land of Hisui, where David and Cassandra come to talk about Pokemon Legends: Arceus.  Just make sure to watch out for the red-eyed Bidoof.



Kelley Ryan

Kelley's three favorite things in this world are cats, heavy metal music, and RPGs. They are happily married to their best friend, and enjoys other hobbies like drawing, painting miniatures, and reading.

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  1. Shaymin Shaymin says:

    I think what impressed me the most about Arceus is that a game that is more focused on catching rather than battling has the nastiest story fight this side of a ROM hack at the end of the game: what amounts to a 6v8 where 7 and 8 are both legendaries and you can’t catch your way out of it. And no healing unless you use items in battle. At least in other 6v7s, the legendary is first and can be Master Balled.

    Also, I don’t know of any other fights that stop the music until you accept the challenge.

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