Xicatrice Skill Systems Detailed

Nippon Ichi Software released more details and images for its upcoming title Xicatrice. The game is set a world where a century prior humanity started to awaken to supernatural powers. Players control a teacher placed in charge of a class of students in the Reserve Anti-Abnormal Unusual Talent Team (RAUT), a team of students who have awakened to superpowers and who can be mobilised to assist in law enforcement if needed.

As previously detailed, players can schedule weekly lessons for their students, which raise their attributes. Skills are learned based on the students’ attributes, and these attributes can also impact daily life events. Students have different attribute growth rates, and players can also raise stats by spending additional time with the students. Once learned, skills can be equipped for battle, with over 300 active and passive skills available that can be combined with other skills. The game’s combat system is similar to that of the Criminal Girls series, with players selecting one action per turn from a list of proposed actions from the party.



The update introduces three characters: Renshi Kamiya, Takayuki Akutsu, and Rui Akutsu. Renshi Kamiya is the main protagonist and a former member of the regular Anti Abnormal Unusual Talent Team. However, he lost his powers in a certain incident and now leads the RAUT 302nd Unit. Takayuki Akutsu is a former co-worker of the protagonist, with the two knowing each other since they were students. He is more powerful than most superpower users and leads a squad in the AUT. Finally, Rui Akutsu is Takayuki’s younger sister and a lab worker at the Superpower Medical Center. She helps support the students of the RAUT 302nd Unit, using a special piece of equipment called the CUAD.

Nippon Ichi Software also provided more details about Xicatrice’s skills. These are organised into 15 “majors”, and to learn a skill players must first have the student studying that major and get their stats up to the required level. For example, learning the Resurrection skill for Kei Namisaki requires selecting the Healing Arts major and then getting her Concentration and Logic up to 44 and 53, respectively. Students can change majors every month, with the number of majors taken at any one time based on the student’s current growth.



While players determine the growth of each student, all seven have different initial stats and will find it easier to grow certain stats compared to others. For example, Haruki Suzuhira has high attack and critical rate, letting him use Double Attack early on, while Toma Asahi’s strong defense gives her early access to Shield Strike. In addition, the strength and SP consumption for each skill will vary based on character stats.

The skills can also be divided into active and passive skills. Active skills are those suggested by the party members to use each turn in combat, while passive skills are equipped and stay in effect. Some of the passive skills are only activated on certain conditions, but provide powerful effects that can work in tandem with active skills. For example, activating Cautious Action before using Double Attack allows for two attacks, both at double strength. These can also combine with skills used by allies or results such as evading attacks.

Xicatrice is planned to release in Japan on June 28, 2023, for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and Nintendo Switch. No announcement has been made regarding a western release.


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