Xicatrice Details Student Lives, More Gameplay Mechanics

Nippon Ichi Software released more details and images for its upcoming title Xicatrice. The update details the lives of its student characters, with players controlling a teacher placed in charge of a class of students who have awakened to superpowers and who can be mobilised to assist in law enforcement if needed, as well as some more skill and gameplay systems.

Part of the game sees players schedule weekly lessons for their students to prepare them for battle, while combat sees them sent out on missions, where they take on opponents with a system similar to that of the Criminal Girls series, with players selecting one action per turn from a list of proposed actions from the party. Outside of their lessons and missions, players will be able to see various events from their daily lives, such as preparation for term exams and discussing interests.



The students will also need to overcome their past traumas to prevent them losing control of their superpowers. To help with this, they have access to the Collective Unconscious Auxiliary-communication Device (CUAD), where they can face their trauma — which take anthropomorphised forms called Doppels — in a virtual space. However, the CUAD is also equipped with a failsafe; should the student fail to overcome their trauma in the CUAD and become an “abnormal unusual” power user, it is designed to dispose of them.

In addition to the party’s regular skills, the player character has access to special Order Skills. These skills can boost their students or provide indirect support. These skills require Order Points to use, which are gained by using healing, support, or debuff skills in combat. More Order Skills are made available as the game progresses.



Missions are graded on four elements, which take into account all battles up to the mission’s boss. More rewards are given out with a better rank, including some special rewards related to bad endings. Players are able to select Easy, Normal, and Hard difficulty options at the start of the game, and can choose to lower their selected difficulty after a certain point. By meeting certain conditions, players can unlock a further more challenging difficulty.

Xicatrice is planned to release in Japan on June 28, 2023, for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and Nintendo Switch. No announcement has been made regarding a western release.


Source: Gematsu



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