Bar Stella Abyss Announced

Nippon Ichi Software has announced Bar Stella Abyss, a new roguelike strategy RPG. The game is set to come to PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and Nintendo Switch in Japan on February 29, 2024. No news about a Western release has been revealed at this time.

Bar Stella Abyss sees players take the role of a faceless wanderer who is drawn to Stella Abyss, a bar hidden in a mysterious corner of the city. Players will build a party and explore the dream-like Drunken World, which is said to have countless forms, with the protagonist venturing through it to get back their lost face and arm. The dungeons within are scattered with facilities where players can buy new items or obtain skill upgrades.

As players encounter other patrons of Stella Abyss within the Drunken World, they can add them to their party. Turn-based tactical combat begins when players encounter an enemy in the Drunken World, transitioning to a tile-based map. After using all their strength in the Drunken World, the protagonist wakes up in Stella Abyss’s bathroom, losing all level progress and items, but keeping their equipment. The game also features a conversation mini-game where players need to select appropriate responses to other patrons, including when to drink, as well as over 300 cocktails that affect combat and exploration in different ways.


Source: Gematsu



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