Turn-Based Strategy RPG Dark Deity 2 Announced

Sword & Axe and Freedom Games have announced Dark Deity 2, a new turn-based strategy RPG. The game once again takes place on the continent of Verroa, and features the descendants of the previous game’s protagonist Irving. A quarter of a century has passed, and now Verroa faces a new threat from the neighboring Holy Asverellian Empire who is looking to annex Verroa’s lands to its own. Players take control of a group known as the Eternal Delegation, led by Gwyn and Riordian, in order to turn the tide of the oncoming war.

Dark Deity 2 will feature twenty heroes and provide players access to forty-five character classes to choose from and customize their heroes. Combat is turn-based and heavily inspired by the Fire Emblem series. Players will also have to make decisions that shape the story as they navigate the narrative’s politics of war. Dark Deity 2 does not have a release date yet but can be wishlisted on Steam.




Pascal Tekaia

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