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Kickstarter Check-In: LunarLux

RPGamer’s ad hoc Kickstarter check-in feature returns with a look at Freedom Games and CosmicNobab Games’s LunarLux. The pixel-art RPG sees players attempting to avoid a comet-related disaster.

Coromon Hitting Switch This Month

Initially planned to release along the PC and Mac versions, Coromon’s Switch version is finally ready to launch. The game will hit the console in a couple of weeks.

Tyrant’s Blessing Launching in August

Freedom Games and Mercury Game Studio’s Tyrant’s Blessing is a tactical RPG where players work strategically to rise up against an undead army. The game is set to release on PC and Switch this August.

Coromon Review

Coromon joins the roster of monster-taming RPGs with its charming retro art and puzzles. It proudly pays homage to its source of inspiration, but lacks innovative ideas to stand out.

Dark Deity Review

Dark Deity is a delightful hidden gem with tons to offer strategy fans. However, does the port to Nintendo Switch fare well for the students of Brookstead Military Academy? Find out in our review.

Coromon Switch Release Delayed

Monster-taming RPG Coromon’s Switch release has been pushed back. The PC and Mac versions are still set to launch this week, however.

Anuchard GDC Preview

Showing new refinement and more humour, Anuchard returns with a cozy atmosphere and kinetic gameplay. Join RPGamer as we get another hands-off look at this game ahead of its launch next month.

Coromon Video Details Its Battle System

Freedom Games and TRAGsoft released a battle system featurette video for Coromon. The monster taming RPG will be arriving on PC, Mac, and Switch in just a couple of weeks.

Dreamscaper Hits Xbox Consoles

Freedom Games and Afterburner Studios’ Dreamscaper is now available on Xbox consoles. The action roguelite originally released last year on PC and Switch.

Coromon Receives March Launch Date

Freedom Games and TRAGsoft’s Coromon has a release date. Players will be able to start taming monsters around Velua at the end of March.

Anuchard Switch Version Announced

Freedom Games and stellarNull announced a Switch version of action RPG Anuchard. The Switch version will launch alongside the PC and Xbox versions next year.