Second Stone: The Legend of the Hidden World Announced

Developer Skyward Entertainment has announced it is working on action RPG Second Stone: The Legend of the Hidden World. The game seeks to fuse platforming and RPG elements, and cites inspiration from the likes of Crash BandicootThe Legend of Zelda, and Bloodborne. As the game is still early in its development, the studio is currently targeting a 2024 release window. Platform details have not been announced yet.

Second Stone: The Legend of the Hidden World will cast players in the role of a fearless young hero who must journey through a vast fantasy world, with gameplay consisting of a mix of exploration, puzzle-solving, combat, and character customization. The game will feature lush forests, deep caves, and far-reaching deserts to discover, as well as a parallel dark world that’s an eerie reflection of the real world. When not engaging in battle, players will be encouraged to explore the interconnected Metroidvania-style world to take part in treasure hunts and uncover visions that reveal secrets from a forgotten age.



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