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The Division 2 Prepares for Launch

There’s just one week left before The Division 2 is deployed, so here’s a launch trailer. Its arrival is a little earlier for those who pre-order certain editions.

The Division 2 Gets Endgame, Open Beta Trailers

The Division 2 is out in a couple of weeks, but is first getting an open beta this weekend. Ubisoft released a couple of trailers for the game, one detailing the title’s endgame premise, with another highlighting the aforementioned beta.

The Division 2 Private Beta Details Revealed

Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 is getting a private beta next week. Ubisoft revealed the exact timings of the beta, as well as what players will be able to do during it.

Child of Light Arrives on Switch

A number of titles have made their way to Switch this week. Ubisoft’s award-winning Child of Light is one of them, with its release on the Switch coming with a new trailer.

The Division 2 Makes Its Gamescom Appearance

Ubisoft has a new gameplay trailer for The Division 2 that, while light on actual gameplay, does offer a look at the game’s version of D.C. Plenty of agents are likely already preparing to make the trek.