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RPGamer Round-Up: May 17 – May 24

This week’s RPGamer content features a review for the imminent Utawarerumono: Prelude to the Fallen as well as the debut entry in our JRPG Study Time editorial series. A light news week is led by a new digital event taking place next month involving numerous publishers.

Borderlands 3 Seeks Bounty of Blood

A new episode of The Borderlands Show took a look at June’s Borderlands 3 additions. A new Takedown challenge will kick off the month, with the third campaign DLC to follow towards the end.

Crumbling World Released for PC, Mac

Dume Arts’ Crumbling World is now available for PC and Mac. The dark fantasy action RPG sees players advancing through stages as the ground crumbles behind them.

Baroque Getting Japanese Switch Release

Sting’s Baroque is making a return. The upcoming Switch version of of the game is a port of the original first-person Sega Saturn release, rather than of the third-person remake western RPGamers may be familiar with.

Pascal’s Wager DLC Announced

Giant Games’ iOS action RPG Pascal’s Wager is getting some DLC. Deep into the Dark Mist gives players a new replayable challenge to take on.

Lumen Available on Steam

Lumen is an old-school RPG from indie developer ImperiumProd. The game, which lists Golden Sun and Chrono Trigger as its primary inspirations, is available now on Steam.

New Game+ Expo Announced for June 23

A cancellation of physical events means that publishers are finding new ways to showcase and reveal upcoming games. Fourteen publishers have announced a joint New Game+ Expo event that will be broadcast live on Twitch next month.

Deck of Ashes Finds Release Date

After over a year in Early Access, Deck of Ashes will discover its full release next month. Buyers can expect some bonus content in the game’s Day One edition.

Wasteland 3 Gets Developer Diary

Deep Silver and inXile Entertainment released the first developer diary video for Wasteland 3. Lead Designer David Rogers gives an introduction to character creation, customisation, and combat.

Mary Skelter Finale Adds Story Catch-Up Feature

The finale to the Mary Skelter series launches in Japan this August. Compile Heart revealed that it will come with a feature to ensure new players are all caught up with what happened in the previous entries.