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RPG Backtrack Episode 214: Echoes in My Mind

Remakes of Fire Emblem games were limited to the DS, until the second entry in the series saw a 3DS rendition.  Something that originated on the Famicom occasioned quite a bit of discussion, presented here for listeners to enjoy.

Dreamscaper Heading to Switch

Afterburner Studios is bringing its action RPG Dreamscaper to Nintendo Switch. The Switch version will launch alongside its PC version early next year.

ReversiQuest2 Coming to PC in January

Japanese indie developer Yokogosystems is bringing its tactical RPG ReversiQuest2 to PC via Steam. As its name implies, the game features a combat system inspired by the board game Reversi.

Hades Arrives on Steam Early Access

After a year on the Epic Games Store’s Early Access program, Supergiant Games’ newest title Hades is now also on Steam Early Access. Those who purchase the Steam Early Access version in the next few weeks will also receive a free copy of the developer’s previous title, Pyre.

Babylon’s Fall Lives in New Trailer

After over a year of radio silence, Square Enix has shown off more of PlatinumGames’ new action title. Get ready for another wait, as more information of the game won’t arrive until next year.

Boyfriend Dungeon Heads to Switch

Switch owners will be able to date their weapons next year. Kitfox Games revealed that dating sim and dungeon crawler hybrid Boyfriend Dungeon is coming to the console alongside its PC version.

Sports Story Announced

Sidebar Games has announced a follow-up to Golf Story. Sports Story will include plenty of other activities as players compete in the Decasportathon.

Dauntless Launches on Switch

Free-to-play action RPG Dauntless is now available on Nintendo Switch. Like its other versions, the Switch edition includes cross-save and cross-play.

11 bit studios Teases New Publishing Projects

11 bit studios teased a couple of projects that it is working on. Neither title is ready for official announcement yet, but the publisher confirmed they are being worked on by the teams behind Seven: The Days Long Gone and Moonlighter.

Langrisser I & II Gets First Story Trailer

NIS America released a story trailer for the first title in the upcoming Langrisser I & II collection. The video also comes with some quick introductions to the game’s important characters.

Yakuza: Like a Dragon Details More Money-Making Options

Though Ichiban Kasuga starts off without any money to his name in Yakuza: Like a Dragon, he will be able to become a successful businessman. Doing so requires navigating dangers such as shareholder meetings.