RPGamer Latest Updates


Hand of Fate 2 Now Dealing on Switch

RPGamers can now check out Defiant Development’s Hand of Fate 2 on Switch. The release will likely provide the Dealer a few new helpers in his quest for vengeance.


Rathalos Arrives in Eorzea in August

Square Enix has announced the date of Rathalos’ arrival in Eorzea. There are also some early details about what’s coming in Final Fantasy XIV’s 4.4 patch, which is set for September.


The Council Reconvenes for Episode 3

What’s a historic secret society without some social intrigue? Big Bad Wolf’s social interaction RPG will soon pass its halfway point with its upcoming third episode.


Shenmue Takes a Stroll Down Dobuita Street

The original Shenmue took great pains to immerse players in a realistic world to explore. With the remaster on the way, Sega is inviting players to visit the real-life Dobuita Street featured in the original game.


Fall of Light Heads to Consoles

RuneHeads’ Fall of Light, released last year on Steam, is coming to console. Nyx and Aether’s journey will be available on PS4, Xbox One, and Switch later this summer.


The Bard’s Tale IV to Be Told this September

Pass the mead and raise your tankard, for the upcoming fourth installment of The Bard’s Tale has received a release date. Before the merriment gets out of hand, players must choose which of four versions best suits their adventuring needs.


Frostkeep Announces Early Access Beta for Rend

Rend looks to bring all the chaos of faction-based PvP combat into a brutal Norse mythology-inspired setting. Frostkeep Studios is now getting ready to move the game to Early Access, looking for continued player input on its design.


Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire Teases a Cold Front

Many have traversed the Deadfire Archipelago seeking adventure and riches but now Obsidian is inviting players to the south in order to meet a peculiar cult. Who, or what, is the Beast of Winter and what will the first expansion for the game bring?