RPGamer Latest Updates

Pokémon Shining Pearl Review

Some games have a stronger impact than others. Does the Sinnoh region have a lasting impact on Pokémon fans? Or does it stay too faithful to the original DS games? All we can say is: Bidoof is the greatest Pokémon of all time.

Expeditions: Rome Review

Developer Logic Artists takes another step back into history with its latest title in the Expeditions series. Expeditions: Rome presents a thoroughly enjoyable role-playing experience in the late Roman Republic.

Never Mourn Announced

Never Mourn is a roguelite action RPG from Primal Seed. The game follows necromancer Irea, who fights against hordes of enemies while on a journey to revive her child.

RPGamer Round-Up: January 9 – January 16

This week’s RPGamer content features an interview about Rainbow Billy: Curse of the Leviathan and a review of Battle Brothers. The latest RPG news includes a Final Fantasy XIV server update, a Legend of Heroes limited edition, and some release date reveals.

Mercenaries Rebirth Released on PS4

Rideon’s latest tactical RPG Mercenaries Rebirth is now available on PS4 in North America and Europe. The PS4 version joins the previously released Switch version.

Project Haven Gameplay Shown

Developer Code Three Fifty One provided new gameplay footage for Project Haven. The eight-minute video shows part of one of the game’s tactical turn-based missions.

Expeditions: Rome Introduces Its Companions

THQ Nordic and Logic Artists released a new set of trailers for Expeditions: Rome. Five videos introduce the game’s companion characters, while a sixth highlights its Twitch streaming extension.

Battle Brothers Review

It’s clear that Battle Brothers is meant to be challenging for even the most hardcore tactical RPGamers. The lack of help and optimization issues for consoles could have some quitting before the mechanics even have a chance to become fun.