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RPGamer Round-Up: September 18 – September 25

The latest RPGamer content includes reviews for the long awaited The Legend of Heroes: Trails from Zero and cyberpunk RPG Jack Move. We also have a couple of demo impressions, and all the news from a thankfully slower week.

RPGamer Round-Up: September 11 – September 18

The Tokyo Game Show brings a week packed to the brim with RPG announcements. In addition to all of the news, we also have an I Was a Teenage Exocolonist review, and looks at Valkyrie Elysium, WrestleQuest, and Kaichu: Kaiju Dating Sim.

RPGamer Round-Up: September 4 – September 11

This week’s RPGamer content sees the return of our Where to Start? feature, which takes a in-depth look at Atlus’s Persona series. We also have a review for Metal Max Xeno: Reborn, a Skies of Arcadia Backtrack, and a good amount of RPG announcements and updates.

RPGamer Round-Up: August 21 – August 28

There’s plenty of RPGamer content to check out from the past week with reviews for Xenoblade Chronicles 3, Live A Live, Digimon Survive, and Dusk Diver 2. Meanwhile, Gamescom brings plenty of announcements, joined by the reveal of and an interview for spiritual successors to the Wild ARMs and Shadow Hearts series.

RPGamer Round-Up: August 7 – August 14

This week’s content includes looks at The DioField Chronicle and Book Quest. Meanwhile, the latest news covers the first Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak update, a new Neptunia release, new release announcements, and more.

RPGamer Round-Up: July 31 – August 7

This week’s RPGamer content features an early look at Soul Hackers 2, plus a review for Citizen Sleeper and the conclusion of #JRPGJuly. We also have the latest news, including the reveal of Tactics Ogre: Reborn and more Pokémon info.

RPGamer Round-Up: July 24 – July 31

A busy RPGamer week includes reviews for Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, Souldiers, and Fallen Angel. We also have interviews for Octopath Traveler: Champions of the Continent and The Dragoness: Command of the Flame and impressions of Vestaria Saga II and Dusk Diver 2.

RPGamer Round-Up: July 3 – July 10

As we work on our #JRPGJuly titles, this week’s RPGamer content includes a new Backloggin’ the Year update, an Early Access impression, and a Dragon Quest Monsters backtrack. Although the main announcement rush has quieted down, there is also still plenty of RPG news.

RPGamer Round-Up: June 26 – July 3

It’s another busy week as the June announcement season ends and we head into #JRPGJuly. We have new features, an interview, reviews, and all of the latest RPG news.

RPGamer Round-Up: June 19 – June 26

The week’s RPGamer content includes a review for Metal Dogs and a look at AI: The Somnium Files – nirvanA Initiative. A lighter news week affords us an opportunity to breathe, but still features multiple release announcements and a Xenoblade-focused Nintendo Direct.

RPGamer Round-Up: June 12 – June 19

Further presentations, showcases, and broadcasts make for another busy RPG news week with lots of reveals and announcements. RPGamer also provided reviews for RPG Time: The Legend of Wright and Touken Ranbu Warriors, plus some Steam Next Fest demo impressions.

RPGamer Round-Up: June 5 – June 12

It’s a lighter editorial week as we get into the extended announcement season. That does mean there are plenty of details and teasers for upcoming games to get excited over, however.

RPGamer Round-Up: May 29 – June 5

This week’s RPGamer content includes a Final Fantasy VI Pixel Remaster review and a The Centennial Case interview, plus Deep Look at King Arthur: Knight’s Tale and Demo Impression for Trinity Trigger. Meanwhile, new reveals for Final Fantasy XIV and Pokémon Scarlet and Violet headline the latest RPG news.

RPGamer Round-Up: May 22 – May 29

This week’s RPGamer content features a new Where to Start? guide for Bandai Namco’s Tales series. We also have a new review, an Early Access impression, two Adventure Corners, a Valkyria Chronicles backtrack, and numerous RPG announcements.

RPGamer Round-Up: May 15 – May 22

This week’s RPGamer content includes reviews for Loot River and Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising. We also have an impression for Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds, a Touken Ranbu Warriors interview, the return of JRPG Study Time, and all of the latest RPG news.

RPGamer Round-Up: May 8 – May 15

In this week’s RPGamer content, the staff take a look back at some of their forgotten favourites. We also have an impression of Solasta: Crown of the Magister’s Lost Valley DLC and backtrack into Dragon Age: Inquisition.

RPGamer Round-Up: May 1 – May 8

The week’s RPGamer content provides looks at Hard West II and Z.H.P.: Unlosing Ranger vs Darkdeath Evilman’s Switch version. A lighter news week includes Embracer Group’s acquisition of Square Enix studios and properties, a new Path of Exile expansion, and some new release dates.