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RPGamer Round-Up: October 11 – October 18

This week’s RPGamer content features a new Where to Start? guide for the Dragon Quest series, a Fantasy of Expedition review, a Yakuza: Like a Dragon impression, and a new Adventure Corner. The latest news includes some announcements, some delays, and some new Kickstarters.

RPGamer Round-Up: October 4 – October 11

This week’s RPGamer content includes new reviews for Necromunda: Underhive Wars and The Dungeon of Naheulbeuk, plus a video version of our latest Ys Origin review. Meanwhile, Black Legend gets an impression and Robotics;Notes Elite is the subject of a new Adventure Corner, alongside all of the latest RPG news.

RPGamer Round-Up: September 27 – October 4

This week’s RPGamer content includes reviews for Vaporum: Lockdown and Ys Origin, alongside a video review for Moero Crystal H. There is also a new import impression for Metal Max Xeno: Reborn, plenty of news, and more.

RPGamer Round-Up: September 20 – September 27

This week’s RPGamer content features reviews for Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles’ remaster and Moero Crystal H, plus a video version of our previous 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim review. The news is led by Microsoft spending rather a lot of money, while TGS provides a decent amount of new info.

RPGamer Round-Up: September 13 – September 20

A bumper week of RPGamer editorial content features reviews for 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim, Mortal Shell, and Death end re;Quest, an interview with composer Noriyuki Iwadare, and much more. The news keeps up with highlights including a new mainline Final Fantasy, lots of Nintendo Direct announcements, and a PlayStation 5 release date.

RPGamer Round-Up: September 6 – September 13

The week’s RPGamer content features a new review for Minoria, a video version of our Paper Mario: The Origami King review, and a Final Fantasy Brave Exvius interview. The news includes a new console release date and a number of new reveals.

RPGamer Round-Up: August 30 – September 6

This week’s RPGamer content includes a review for Othercide and an interview with Dragon Quest XI voice actor Shai Matheson. Meanwhile, the news features the reveal of the latest Path of Exile expansion, numerous release dates and windows, and some new game reveals.

RPGamer Round-Up: August 23 – August 30

This week’s RPGamer content includes a review for Shogun Legend and impression of New World. Meanwhile, the start of Gamescom ensures a busy news week with lots of new game announcements, release dates, trailers, and more.

RPGamer Round-Up: August 16 – August 23

A new week of RPGamer content features a review for Giraffe and Annika, plus an impression of the prologue for 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim. The news includes a new Nintendo Indie World presentation and a few new game announcements.

RPGamer Round-Up: August 9 – August 16

RPGamer’s content from the past week includes a new review for action RPG Hellpoint and an interview with Dragon Quest XI voice actress Lauren Coe. The latest RPG news features a new episode of Cyberpunk 2077’s Night City Wire, plus multiple launch updates.

RPGamer Round-Up: August 2 – August 9

As usual, things are a little quieter to start off August. However, we still have a brand new Fairy Tail review, while the news includes a new Experience-developed dungeon crawling for the west, some new story content for Final Fantasy XI, and a crossover between Utawarerumono and Dokapon.

RPGamer Round-Up: July 26 – August 2

This week’s RPGamer content includes a new guide to Gust’s long-running Atelier series, a Paper Mario review, and the finale of #JRPGJuly. The news is led by Eiyuden Chronicle’s Kickstarter campaign launch and a Steam release for Phantasy Star Online 2.

RPGamer Round-Up: July 19 – July 26

A very busy news week includes the announcement of a spiritual successor for Suikoden, a new Yakuza launch date, numerous game announcements, and more. We also have an impression of Star Renegades and a big interview about Eiyuden Chronicle, the aforementioned title from the Suikoden veterans.

RPGamer Round-Up: July 12 – July 19

#JRPGJuly remains in full swing here at RPGamer. We also have new reviews for Persona 4 Golden and Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town, plus a interview for The Revenant Prince and a look back at Baldur’s Gate.

RPGamer Round-Up: July 5 – July 12

It’s a quieter editorial week as everyone is busy participating in #JRPGJuly. There is still plenty of news, including a new game from developer Spiders, a release date for the Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning remaster, a bunch of physical announcements from Limited Run Games, and more.

RPGamer Round-Up: June 28 – July 5

This week featured a bumper crop of editorial content on RPGamer. In addition to reviews for Signs of the Sojourner and Pillars of Dust, we have a Deep Look at Trails of Cold Steel III on Switch, a God of War-focused editorial, a pair of Adventure Corners, and an impression of the new SaGa mobile title.

RPGamer Round-Up: June 21 – June 28

This week’s RPGamer content features new reviews for Brigandine, Ys, and Dusk Diver, as well as a new interview and the return of a couple of periodic features. It’s also a busy news week thanks to the New Game Plus Expo.

RPGamer Round-Up: June 14 – June 21

After catching up on last weekend’s numerous announcements, RPGamer returns with some more editorial content and additional news. This week includes reviews for Pong Quest and Light Fairytale Episode 1, plus a trio of impressions and a new edition of JRPG Study Time.

RPGamer Round-Up: June 7 – June 14

It’s been a busy week for gaming as the digital events taking the place of E3 get underway. Our regular weekly round-up includes all of the reveals we’ve posted so far, with still plenty more to come in the next few days.

RPGamer Round-Up: May 31 – June 6

There are bigger things going on the world right now, but RPGamer is able to provide a bit of normalcy during this tumultuous time. The RPGamer Round-Up returns to highlight the latest editorial content and news.