RPGamer Round-Up: September 15 – September 22

Welcome to the latest edition of RPGamer’s round-up column, where we take a quick look back at some of the articles we’ve posted throughout the week. This article is designed to help give reminders of some interesting editorial content and stories that our less regular visitors might have missed.


Editorial Content and Features

PlatinumGames returns with a brand new title on Nintendo Switch. Alex Fuller takes on the role of a police officer trying to protect what remains of humanity from an extra-dimensional invasion in Astral Chain.

The first Puzzle Quest returns with new content for the Nintendo Switch. Anna Marie Privitere looked into the new version to figure out if provides enough to warrant a second trip for those who have already experienced it.

Super Dragon Ball Heroes: World Mission showers its audience with a torrent of fan service, such as a fusion between Gohan and Trunks, or a Super Saiyan 4 transformation with Gohan or Bardock. Elmon Dean Todd check outs its release on the Nintendo Switch.

Compile Heart teamed up with developer Artisan Studios to bring us Super Neptunia RPG in 2D. Matt Masem examines whether flattening the graphics also leads to smoothing of some other wrinkles.

Dandy Dungeon, as becomes apparent almost immediately after starting it up, is an odd duck. Pascal Tekaia finds that mobile design trappings, puzzle-based dungeon-crawling, and repetitive grinding, gives it a tall mountain to climb.

PAX has come and gone, but its legend lives on in a head-to-head with Hannah Flynn, communications director for Failbetter Games. Roving reporter Zach’s interview contains all the news we choo-choo-choose to print about Sunless Skies, inspirational interns, and complicated canon.

At PAX West, RPGamer’s Mystiana Rulean and Krystal Rulean were able to chat to Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers’ art team lead Takeo Suzuki and main scenario writer Natsuko Ishikawa. The topics include the game’s connections to the rest of the series and the challenges creating new races.

Indivisible is just a few weeks away from launch on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. RPGamer’s Zach Welhouse was able to join Ajna and her allies for a bit of platforming and combat at this year’s PAX West.

Major News

Square Enix has announced the first three Dragon Quest games will be joining Dragon Quest XI on Nintendo Switch. All of the games will be released this Friday.

Apple’s new Apple Arcade subscription gaming service has launched. Joining the service are four new RPGs: Cat Quest II, Oceanhorn 2, Exit the Gungeon, and Various Daylife.

Square Enix held a Letter from the Producer Live for Final Fantasy XIV during Tokyo Game Show. The presentation went over many of the features of the upcoming 5.1 patch for the game, including the New Game Plus mode and the first part of the YoRHa: Dark Apocalypse raid series.

A demo is now available for the third part of Nihon Falcom’s Trails of Cold Steel saga. The demo will let players go through Trails of Cold Steel III’s prologue chapter and carry their save data over to the full game.

Another new Pokémon has been confirmed for the Galar region. Farfetch’d’s new evolution Sirfetch’d will be appearing in Pokémon Sword this November.

Sega released a couple more videos for Project Sakura Wars at TGS. In addition to the game’s animated opening, there’s an image song for heroine Sakura Amamiya.


Additional Selected Stories


Mike and Phil return for a new edition of The Hunt. The two return to discuss the newly released Iceborne expansion for Monster Hunter: World and help players get started on the new master rank.

HONK! Nathan and Alex join Chris and Anna Marie for this week’s RPGCast. The group discusses the varied set of game’s they’ve been playing, as well as the latest RPG news.


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