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Yo-kai Watch 4++ Releasing in Japan in December

Yo-kai Watch 4 is getting an upgraded ++ version in Japan this December. The release will see the game make its PlayStation 4 debut, with those who bought the original Switch version able to upgrade through DLC.

Level-5 Shows Its Yo-kai Watch 4 Demo

A demo for Yo-kai Watch 4 was on offer in Japan as part of the World Hobby Fair 2019. For those unable to try to demo, Level-5 has released a playthrough video.

Level-5 Releases New Yo-kai Watch 4 Trailer

Level-5 followed up its recent update on Yo-kai Watch 4 with a new trailer. RPGamers can check out the game’s new graphics and combat system as the series leaps from 3DS to Switch.

Level-5 Offers Yo-kai Watch 4 Info, Screenshots

A playable demo for Yo-kai Watch 4 will be available at the World Hobby Fair in locations across Japan over the next month. Level-5 used to opportunity to provide more details and some new screenshot for the game.

Yokai Watch 4 TGS Impression

Mike Apps begged me to go check out Yo-kai Watch 4, and I am here to tell him that it is wonderful. Thank you for yelling at me to check it out, Mike!

Level-5 Announces Yo-kai Watch 4

A new Yo-kai Watch game is heading to Japan this year, making the jump to Nintendo Switch. Western RPGamers still wait to see if the third game will ever be localised.