Yo-kai Watch 4 Opening Movie Released Ahead of Japanese Release

Developer Level-5 has released the opening cinematic for its upcoming Yo-kai Watch 4, the latest entry in the Yo-kai Watch franchise. Set to the same upbeat J-pop song heard in a previous trailer, the video flies through several of the game’s locations, showcasing several of its human and yo-kai as they battle each other. Also on display are the Arks, scannable keys used to summon yo-kai into battle and grant beneficial bonuses.

Yo-kai Watch 4 marks the series’ move to the Nintendo Switch. It follows series protagonist Keita/Nate, as well as introducing several new humans over its multiple worlds set in different times and locations. The game is set to release in Japan on June 6, 2019, but no western release plans have yet been announced.



Pascal Tekaia

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