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Level-5 Shows Japanese Decapolice Gameplay

Level-5 held a stage show at this year’s Tokyo Game Show where it showed more of crime suspense RPG Decapolice. The Japanese presentation featured a forty-minute walkthrough of one’s of the game’s cases.

Level-5 Reveals Decapolice

Level-5’s new announcements include a brand new crime suspense RPG. Decapolice is planned to launch this summer on Switch and PlayStation consoles.

Ni no Kuni Heads to Xbox

Bandai Namco and Level-5’s Ni no Kuni series is heading to Xbox. The first game is available now, with the second to release next year.

Megaton Musashi Post-Launch Updates Announced

Level-5 announced a series of free content updates for Megaton Musashi. The updates will be followed by a paid expansion that will release alongside the franchise’s second TV anime season.