Level-5 Shows Japanese Decapolice Gameplay

Level-5 held a stage show at Tokyo Game Show for its upcoming “crime-suspense” RPG Decapolice. The Japanese presentation featured a forty-minute walkthrough of one of the detective missions in the game, including interviewing witnesses, searching for and putting together clues, and apprehending suspects.

Decapolice is set in a future where Decasim is a virtual world created as a copy of reality. However, the virtual copy also holds memories of past crimes, and clues found in Decasim can help solve crimes in the real world. When confronting criminals, there is a chance that they turn into embodiments of malice called Crime Beasts that players need to subdue with futuristic gadgets. Decapolice is being developed for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and Nintendo Switch. It is planned to release worldwide later in 2023.



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