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Megaton Musashi Post-Launch Updates Announced

Level-5 announced a series of free content updates for Megaton Musashi. The updates will be followed by a paid expansion that will release alongside the franchise’s second TV anime season.

Megaton Musashi Gets TGS Footage

Level-5 held a presentation focused on its Megaton Musashi anime and game during Tokyo Game Show. The anime is airing in Japan now, with the PS4 and Switch title set to release in the country next month.

Yo-kai Watch 1 Released on Mobile in Japan

The first Yo-kai Watch game is now available for mobile in Japan. Unfortunately, western RPGamers remain waiting for their first release since the launch of Yo-kai Watch Blasters on 3DS.

Level-5 Provides Inazuma Eleven Update

A year after the previous news, Level-5 provided a new update for Inazuma Eleven: Great Road. The game is still quite a while away from release as the company looks to make it a culmination of the series.

Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds Mobile Title Gets New Trailer

Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds is an upcoming mobile title from Level-5 and Netmarble set to release in Japan later this year. The launch of its official Japanese website comes with a brand new trailer.