Decapolice Receives Trailers, Details

Level-5 provided new media and details for its upcoming title Decapolice during its Level-5 Vision 2023 Tsuzumi event. In addition to a new teaser trailer and gameplay introduction trailer, the developer revealed some details about the game’s main characters.

Decapolice is set in a future where Decasim is a virtual world created as a copy of reality. However, the virtual copy also holds memories of past crimes, and clues found in Decasim can help solve crimes in the real world. When confronting criminals, there is a chance that they turn into embodiments of malice called Crime Beasts that players need to subdue with futuristic gadgets.

The game’s protagonist is Harvard Marks, leader of the Special Investigations Unit’s rookie team. Obsessed with finding criminals, he is a prodigy but known to sometimes break the rules. Carl Oxford is a negotiation specialist on the rookie team. A childhood friend of Harvard, he had a sheltered upbringing and is honest. Zhang Tsinghua is a self-proclaimed “hacker of justice” on the rookie team and its computer expert.

Manimani Manoa is a profiling major on the rookie team. She is incredibly proficient at profiling criminals and has great knowledge of their psychology. Mikey Princeton is the rookie team’s martial arts experts, but has a gentle personality. Granger Boston is the Special Investigations Unit’s chief and in charge of training new recruits. He is a seasoned detective and blunt. Finally, Misae Cambridge is the rookie team’s instructor. She has a sharp mind with great all-around detective skills, and is known for being particular about going by the book.

Decapolice is being developed for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and Nintendo Switch. It is planned to release worldwide later in 2023.


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