RPGamer Round-Up: December 22 – January 5

Welcome to the latest edition of RPGamer’s round-up column, where this time we take a look back at some of the articles that we posted over the holiday period. This article is designed to help give reminders of some interesting content and stories that our less regular visitors might have missed.


Editorial Content and Features

As a prelude to our annual awards, which as usual should hit at the end of January, the RPGamer staff picked out many of the upcoming titles that they are most looking forward to. We hope you enjoy reading about our most anticipated games, and please let us know which ones you are most excited for.

Whatcha Playing is back after a holiday-related delay to round up the games the staff played in November and December. Pokémon, Heroland, AI: The Somnium Files, and Trails of Cold Steel II were among the many vying for staff gaming time over the holidays.

After an eighteen-year hiatus, Shenmue III has finally arrived, and Ryo Hazuki once again continues his journey through China in search of Lan Di. Elmon Dean Todd sees whether the long-awaited sequel lives up to the hype and expectation.

Capcom continues to do what it does best with this series, but is it still king of hunter-style games? Phil Willis spent over a hundred hours looking into it with Monster Hunter World: Iceborne, which likely answers that question all on its own.

Zeboyd Games got very much into the holiday spirit with its newest title. Matt Masem finds that Cthulhu Saves Christmas proves to be a hilarious little breath of fresh winter air this holiday season.

Hardcore RPG enthusiasts can go on a trip to a dark and dismal Arkham to explore a great emulation of everything Lovecraftian horror has to offer. Pascal Tekaia discovers that Cultic Games has crafted an entertaining narrative, but ended up dropping the ball in a major way.

Spike Chunsoft provided an unexpected release with Steins;Gate: My Darling’s Embrace in December. Alex Fuller reports back on the spin-off, which lets its characters and players diverge for some lighter-hearted stories.

Major News

The fan project looking to create a new Mother title has now been renamed and given a reveal trailer to boot. Now known as Oddity, the game’s main cast has been revealed, but everything else, including a release date, is still a mystery.

Level-5 provided details and plenty of media for Megaton Musashi at Jump Festa 2020. The mecha action RPG will be coming to consoles and mobiles in Japan, though no date has been given.

With the success of Xenoblade, many fans have been hoping to see a remaster of Monolith Soft’s previous series. General Manager Katsuhiro Harada revealed that Bandai Namco did consider a remaster of Xenosaga, but its market analysis didn’t produce the necessary results.

Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai is a spin-off manga series that began in 1989. It is now getting a game and an animated series, though no details about the game have been revealed.

A pair of additional updates for Yakuza: Like a Dragon lets RPGamers check out some more footage of the game. There is an opportunity to check out some of the game’s Life Experience systems as well as a new gameplay oveview trailer.


Additional Selected Stories


After the holiday hiatus, the RPGCast returns for 2020. Anna Marie, Chris, Kelley, Josh, and Peter look back on all the games they played over the period, as well as share what goodies they received.

Our Q&A Quest hosts end 2019 like they began it. This means an episode covering a wide variety of topics.


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