Megaton Musashi Details Revealed

Level-5 revealed new details and media for Megaton Musashi at last weekend’s Jump Festa 2020. The game was recently revealed as coming to PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, iOS, and Android in Japan, though no release window has been announced.

Megaton Musashi is a cross-media franchise, with its game being an online action RPG where players control giant mechas fighting against alien invaders. The game is set after 2118, when alien invaders called Dracters gain total control of the Earth, mining it out into a torus-like shape. The surviving population evacuates to a high-security facility called Shelter and is planning their counterattack in the form of a trio of giant robots.

Three pilots are given the role of trying to take back Earth using the Megaton-class robots. Yamato Ichidaiji is known for completely changing personality when he gets behind the controls. Teru Asami has top grades but is known as a cold-hearted narcissist. Ryugo Hijikata is hot-blooded but regarded as a strong leader. Their mechas are the all-rounder Musashi, the long-range specialist Gaudia, and the melee-specialist Sparkman. Players are able to customise their mechas by equipment different parts.


Screenshots and Art




Musashi Gameplay


Gaudia Gameplay


Sparkman Gameplay


Source: Gematsu


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