Mother Fan Game Oddity Receives Official Name, Trailer

The fan game created to be a spiritual successor to the Mother series has a new name with a flashy reveal trailer to go along with it. Repackaged as Oddity, the development team working on the game has not provided a release window or a console the game will be featured on. The trailer includes a simple message that states, “It’ll be out when it’s ready.”

The influence the Mother series has on Oddity is visible in the reveal trailer. The pixel art, music style, and battles all resemble that of the Nintendo RPGs. The Mother series has been dormant since 2006, and Mother 3 was never officially released outside Japan.

The setting for Oddity is that of a fictional ’70s era. The protagonist of the game is Travis Fields, an adventurous youth that runs into combat with a baseball bat and pellet gun. Accompanying Travis in his adventures are his brother Zack, the disoriented Floyd, the vocalist Meryl, and the mysterious man that goes by Leo. Together this group will look to stop the random kidnappings happening around their town.



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