RPG Cast – Episode 526: “Slightly Smaller Than Your Average Spoon or Fork”

We’re back and better* than ever! On this special episode of the RPGCast we do a deeper dive into what we’ve been playing and discuss our holiday hauls.

*Note: RPG Cast 526 may not actually be better than any other previous RPG Cast.

Question of the Week
What is your best gaming memory of the last decade?

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  1. bobbywatson bobbywatson says:

    Regarding the Steam set-top box somebody (Kelly?) brought up during the show: There is now a Steam Link app you can install on a Raspberry Pi, and use that to stream Steam and non-Steam games from your gaming PC to your TV. I’ve tried it and it works very well on a wired network, not so much on Wi-Fi (at least not on a Raspberry Pi 3, where the wi-fi is not super fast).

    Pair that with a retro gaming OS like RetroPie, a media center app (Kodi), and a significant amount of time spent on Google on figuring out how to configure all of that, and you can have a nice little box that plays movies, Steam games, and FF4 Free Enterprise all in one tiny box that you can control with a wireless controller.

  2. Victar Victar says:

    QoTW: My best gaming memory of the decade is completing my 36th and final World of Warcraft Legion mage tower challenge, on the very last day the challenge was still available.

    It was one of the tougher challenges (Holy Priest), and I’d struggled with it before. I sat down in the morning and decided, “I will keep trying this all day long if I have to.” Then I got it on the first attempt.

    I spent the afternoon farming the Field Medic title, which was also one day from going away forever, and I still wear that title proudly on my Death Knight. Because if there’s one class you want to dress your bleeding wounds amid the thick of battle, it’s definitely an unholy, disease-ridden Death Knight.

  3. plattym3 plattym3 says:

    I’d have to go with 120+ hours of Fantasy Life. Not being one for ARPGs, and starting to get into Rune Factory because of the Harvest Moon aspects, I found myself enthralled by a game that seemed like Rune Factory minus the Harvest Moon aspects. 100%’d the game and then got the huge DLC expansion and almost finished all that except for 2 jobs. For a Turn-based combat fan, that game took me by surprise & keep me enthralled for months!

  4. Oh wow, there’s so many. Although to narrow it down, I’ll pick hearing Bravely Default music for the first time. While there are amazing moments in Bravely Default itself and Bravely Second, I think the music is exquisite. It also introduced me to my current favorite band, Sound Horizon.

  5. FeatherHoof FeatherHoof says:

    QOTW: My favorite gaming memory of this decade was being tricked into buying and subscribing to FFXIV. After playing Star Wars Galaxies, City of Heroes, The Matrix Online, and WoW (during the Burning Crusade era), I swore off MMOs. I figured, they just weren’t for me, they bored me. But then a buddy of mine brought me over his place to try out FFXIV ARR and begged and pleaded with me to get FFXIV also so he would have someone to play with. I wasn’t too keen on they idea, but I caved eventually and bought it on PS3. We played together one time (count them… One) and then he quit and I was left with a game I now had to play alone. I figured, “Eh, I’ll play until my 30 free days are up and move on.”
    To this day I can’t describe what happened or why, but something about XIV clicked in my head the way no other MMO ever did before and I’ve been hooked on it ever since. Later got it for PC when PS3 support was announced to be going away, and when I got PS4 Oct of 2018, I used the “Upgrade your PS3 copy to a PS4 copy” feature. I, in a weird way, have my backstabby friend to thank for getting me hooked on one of my favorite games of all time in a genre of games I’d previously despised 😅

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