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Disco Elysium Gets Hardcore

More room to search is a definite boon for any detective. The new ultrawide view should help these sleuths in Disco Elysium more than the Hardcore difficulty, which is also being added.

Disco Elysium Coming to Console Next Year

Urban fantasy detective noir RPG Disco Elysium released for PC just a few weeks ago. Developer ZA/UM is now turning its attention to creating a console version of the game.

Disco Elysium Out Now on PC

ZA/UM’s Disco Elysium is out now on PC. The game, which puts players in the role of a disgraced police lieutenant in the seaside town of Revachol, is available on Steam and GOG.com.

Disco Elysium Launching in October

ZA/UM’s urban fantasy, detective noir RPG Disco Elysium now has a firm release date. Players will begin their investigations in the seaside town of Revachol this October.