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Vampyr Available Now on Nintendo Switch

In Vampyr, the protagonist is a doctor who happens to be a creature that wants to remove blood from patients rather than mending wounds. RPGamers can now play this action RPG portably on the Switch, even when busy donating their own blood.

Nintendo Direct Provides Many RPG Announcements

Nintendo held a Direct presentation today chock-full of RPGs. Headlines include Switch versions for Xenoblade Chronicles, Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE, and Divinity: Original Sin II, plus a release date for Game Freak’s Little Town Hero, a new demo for Daemon X Machina, and some more Pokémon Sword and Shield features.

Vampyr Coming to Switch

It’s not common to receive game announcements from financial reports but stranger things have happened. It seems the Switch may be getting some vampire blood in the future.

New Difficulty Modes Added to Vampyr

Vampyr now has some extra difficulty modes for players to choose from. Story Mode caters towards those more interested in the narrative than combat, while Hard Mode looks to offer a greater challenge.

Vampyr Review

It’s 1918 and vampires are in. In London, that is. Is their return a triumphant one? Or will Vampyr be relegated to the history books?

Vampyr Release Looms

Dontnod’s Vampyr is out tomorrow for PC and console. A launch trailer hopes to put players in the mood for some late-night hunting in post-World War I London.

Spend Nearly an Hour with a Vampyr

With just weeks to go before its release, Focus Home Interactive and Dontnod have released an extended look at gameplay for the horror-themed action RPG. Then be amused by the man splitting his time between dealing with vampire things and trying to get people free medical care.

Vampyr Gets Monstrous

With just one month to go, Focus Home Interactive is dropping a new trailer centered on the blood-filled gameplay of Vampyr. Astute listeners can hear two uses of a very distinct scream mixed in with the general sounds of gunfire and melee.

Vampyr Story Trailer Fears the Reaper

Dramatic trailers like using slowed down versions of recognizable songs and Vampyr is no exception. But one would imagine a vampire wouldn’t have to fear the Reaper nearly as much.

Vampyr Rises in June

Dontnod’s Vampyr now has a release date. The news come as part of the fourth behind-the-video, which looks at the ideas behind the game’s narrative.

Vampyr Shifts Focus to Its Human Characters

Vampyr’s NPCs are aiming above and beyond what is normal for the folks who wander around the average RPG town. A new developer diary goes into more detail on the game’s people.

Vampyr Dresses Its Setting

The sights and sounds of nighttime London are pretty important for would be vampires that stalk the night. A quick video behind the development of Vampyr gives a glimpse of what that will be like.

Vampyr Begins a Developer Diary

There has been some radio silence since Vampyr’s delay into 2018 but now that the year is here more info is beginning to surface. In this case, the first in a series of developer diaries detailing the creation of the game.